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Superior outdoors is on a pursuit to provide our customers with a creative and unique outdoor space that they will have long lasting memories for decades to come.  Our approach is simple; we don't over-promise and we always seek to always over-deliver.  When you hire Superior Outdoors, we professionally communicate a project schedule that meets your needs before we execute and commence the work.

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Free Estimates & Consultations

We provide free estimates & consultations! Get yours today by calling (571) 442-6580.


Licensed, Bonded & Insured

We are registered with the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupation Regulation and are Bonded and Insured

Easy Payment

We accept Credit Cards, checks, and cash to make sure we provide the most convenience for you! We also offer third party financing for any customer who is interested.


Always Competitive & Fair Pricing

Our pricing may not be the "Cheapest" in town because we guarantee amazing quality and even better customer service.  We strive to Build each project as if it is our own.

Amazing Customer Service

Superior Outdoors top priority is to provide 100% of our attention to our customers.  Get amazing service and quality of work at all times, and receive your new design within 1 week then Superior Outdoors is the right Outdoor Construction company for you!



Superior Outdoors stone and block suppliers in Northern Virginia have access to every type of material.  Finding the product that fits your project is part of what we do to make your project look superior.  Superior stonework and masonry is what separates the installers and the results.  Not all stone walls are equal!

No Maintenance Contracts

We provide free estimates & consultations! Get yours today by calling (571) 442-6580